dissabte, 22 de novembre de 2014

Native Irish Animals

What can we do with them in a children's Infant class?
We could do:

1. Animal categories:
Animals that have no legs/ 2 legs / 4 legs.
Animals that can fly / swim /walk.
Animals that have mouth / beaks.

2. Make animal medals and with our favourites wear as a necklace.

3. Play a plasticine activity to decorate the classrom with them.

The Wheels on the Bus

dijous, 20 de novembre de 2014

Viatge a Irlanda

We're happy to say that our trip to Kilfinnane in Ireland is on the track.
We're going to spend a week full of great experiences. Not only are we going to improve our English level but we will also meet some new people from a different culture, which is an important point to keep in mind because we need as much understanding of different cultures as we can get so we can have a more positive attitude about others and life in general.

Ens sentim molt satisfets de poder dir que el nostre viatge a Irlanda està en camí.
Passarem una setmana plena de bones experiències on no només millorarem el nostre nivell d'anglès, sinó que també tindrem l'oportunitat de conèixer persones d'una cultura diferent. Aquest fet és important a tenir en compte ja que com més coneixement adquirim de les diferents maneres de pensar i fer, més positiva serà la nostra actitud davant els altres i la vida en general.


dimecres, 12 de novembre de 2014

Selene Navarro

-She's got long hair.                                                       -She's got glasses.
-She's got black hair.                                                     -She's got wavy hair.
-She's got a ponytail.           

Ares, Year 4       

dimarts, 11 de novembre de 2014

My teacher Tere

-My teacher has got glasses.                                             -She has got a beautiful smile.
-She is got straight hair.                                                       -She is thin.
-I like my teacher.                                                                -She is tall .     

Claudia,   Year 4

dijous, 6 de novembre de 2014

Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night,  is an annual celebration  on the evening of the 5th of November . It celebrates the failure of the Gunpowder Plot, in which a group of conspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London on the evening of 5 November 1605, against the Protestant King James I.

The celebrations,  involve fireworks displays and the building of bonfires, traditionally on which "guys",  representing Guy Fawkes, the most famous of the conspirators are burnt.
 In the United Kingdom, there are several other regional traditions that accompany Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night: the eating of bonfire toffee, toffee apples, the traditional 'apple lollipop', and baked potatoes.

Cultural References

The Gunpowder Plot inspired Shakespeare's Macbeth.

The film V for Vendetta recreate de Gunpowder Plot.

Bonfire - Movie Maker

divendres, 31 d’octubre de 2014

Be brave this night

Don't be scared of witches, ghosts, bats, black cats, scary pumpkins, skeletons and stuff like that.

Be brave this night, but most of all BE HAPPY little boys and girls.

dijous, 30 d’octubre de 2014

Salem Halloween Cookies

Chop the nuts, add some butter, some flour and some sugar.

Mix with a pinch of salt and keep in the refrigerator for one hour.

Roll in powdered sugar three times.

Bake in the oven and...


dimarts, 2 de setembre de 2014

Welcoming September and the new school

GALL BLOG_September 1 

This post first appeared in September 2013 on  English with a Twist site.
September has arrived.
For many people this signals the end of the summer holidays and the return to the daily grind ( the everyday work/school routine).
What does this daily grind mean to people?

September brings in a new academic year where children will be moving class, meeting new classmates and teachers.
  • In the UK, schoolchildren wear school uniforms with their school’s badge sewn on their blazer or jumper. Every year parents have to buy new uniforms . Most of these uniforms consist of a blazer (jacket), a pair of trousers or shorts (boys), skirts (girls),shirts, jumpers, cardigans, socks and shoes. Every school has a different uniform with specific colours.
  • Then there is the school stationery to buy, for example, exercise books, pencils, sharpeners, pens, rulers, erasers, scissors, highlighter pens, pencil sharpeners and pencil cases. Anything else I’ve forgotten?
  • The start of school sees an increase in traffic on the roads especially with parents doing the school run in their cars. Some children walk to school accompanied by their parents, normally mothers, when they are in junior school. As soon as they reach secondary school (13 years old), they do NOT want to be seen any where near a parent!
AdultsAs for us adults, September can be extremely welcome. If you ask my friends who are parents, the start of the new school year is a moment of great celebration. They can finally have a break from their children! No more having to find different ways of entertaining their bored offspring (children).
GALL BLOG_First Day of School back_to_school_family_cartoon
However, before the celebration really starts let’s take a look at what September really means for the grown-ups:
For those who work in an office, there’s the daily commute. If you are a commuter, you have a daily journey from your home to the office. This could be in a car, on a train, tube or bus.There could be traffic jams on the roads, train or tube delays, crowded train carriages with no place to sit. We have an idiomatic expression for this called the Rat Race.

Happy September, folks

dilluns, 14 de juliol de 2014

Anglès en família

Si voleu passar una estoneta practicant anglès amb els vostres fills...aquí teniu aquesta página del British Council. Espero que us agradi!!!


dimarts, 1 de juliol de 2014

Now that you are away on holiday

I com a despedida els més petits de l'escola en una activitat d'anglès...
I've something to say to you my Little kids: See you soon! I thoroughly enjoyed being with you.
Song: The Days Of The Week

dijous, 29 de maig de 2014

Food in art

What's your favourite painting of food and drink?
 My favourite painting is called Sandwich by artists in  the English School of art.
What can you see in it?
I can see a plate and a glass on a table.There's a sandwich and an apple on the plate and there's some milk in the glass.

Martí year 3

dilluns, 28 d’abril de 2014

Chocolate Project Infants 4-5

How many children like...? White chocolate, raspberry chocolate, orange flavored chocolate, peach & chocolate?

dilluns, 7 d’abril de 2014

Dear Mum Rosana.

Dear mum Rosana,

I like swimming, reading and painting.

I don't like skipping or singing.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Year 2

dissabte, 15 de març de 2014

Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl Biography:
Date of Birth 13 September 1916 , Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  Date of Death 23 November 1990 , Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK.
Height 6' 6" (1,98 m).
Roald Dahl was born in Wales in 1916. He served as a fighter pilot in the British R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) during World War II. He made a forced landing in the Libyan Desert and was severely injured. As a result, he spent five months in a Royal Navy hospital in Alexandria. Dahl is known for how he relates suspenseful events in a simple tone.

The Story Of Chocolate

Beans To Bar

dilluns, 10 de març de 2014

Answer the Questions

- What's your name?
My name is ION.

-What's your favourite color?
My favourite color is red.

-What's your teacher's name?
My teacher's name is TERE

-Who's your friend's favourite singer?
My friend's favourite singer is Bisbal.

-What's your best friend's name?
My best frend's name is Ferran.

-What's your favourite  subject at school?
My favourite subject at school is Maths.

-When's your birthday?
My birthday is 2nd June.

-What's your favourite fruit?
My favourite fruit is banana.

-What's the name of your school?
My school name is Port-Rodó.

-What's your favourite animal?
My favourite animal is LION.

-What's your favourite food?
My favourite food are sausages.

 year 3

dissabte, 1 de març de 2014

Some useful vocabulary about Carnival

Dressing up: When I was a child I loved to play dress up; I could be either a fairy or a princess.
                       They dressed themselves up as cartoon characters.
                        Dressing - up clothes.
                        I went to the party dressed as a pirate.

Look like: You look like a scary ghost.   

Fancy dress Costume

Fancy - dress  ball

Fancy - dress party

Fancy dress shop

Mask: Wear a mask

dimarts, 25 de febrer de 2014

About myself

Hello, I am Arian. I am 11 yers old.
I live in Campredó. I'm from in Catalonia. Campredó is a beautiful village.
I've got two brothers. I've got 2 cousins too, but I haven't got any pets.
I've got ten friends, however, my best friend is Maria ...
I like rice and pizza, but I don't like fish.

I'm short and Slim. I've got brunette long straight hair.
I've got green eyes , but I haven't got black eyes. I've got light-brown skin, but I don't have dark skin. I don't wear glasses and I haven't got pale skin. My character is very good.
I like my physical features.

I usually wear a black sweatshirt, blue jeans, purple underpants, black socks, grey shoes and purple jacket, but I like to wear earrings, a ribbon and a bracelet. Anyway, my mum likes I wear a dress, earrings and a necklace.

I can swim and run. However, what I like the most is triathlon.
Last year I went to Mallorca, but next year I would like to go to Paris.
I want to be a teacher and I want to be an interior decorator.

dimecres, 19 de febrer de 2014

About myself

Hello I'm Pau. I'm eleven years old I live in Campredó. It's a village next to Tortosa, in the south in Catalonia. I've got one brother. His name is Ferran. I'm taller than him. I've got lots of friends. However, my best  friend is Sergi.

I'm tall and thin. I've got brown short hair. I've got brown small eyes. I've got some freckles in my  face. I'm very friendly. My skin is white. I'm not ugly.

I always wear a  tracksuit, trainers and a sweatshirt. I don't like wearing shirts, jeans or shoes althoug my mother likes it.

I can play handball and basketball. However, what I like the most is playing football.
Last year I went to New York, but  next year I would like to go to Roma.
My mother tells me to be a doctor, but I want to be  a teacher.

Pau year 6

dimarts, 18 de febrer de 2014

What's she like?

She's got grey hair. She's wearing a black dress. She's hungry and thirsty.

She's got blonde hair. She's wearing a black dress. She's nice and busy.

They've got white hair. They are wearing a purple and black dress. They are nasty and lazy.


Maria year 4

dilluns, 3 de febrer de 2014


Whose hat is it? It's Aida's aunt's hat.

Whose shirt is it? It's Laura's shirt.

Whose toy is it? It's the Laura's toy.

Whose headphones are they?They are Laura's headphones.

Laura and Aida.Foundation Stage 2, Year 4