dijous, 29 de gener de 2009

Drama in English IES J.Bau

Pupils of the upper level went to see an English performance that was called "The Gift". It was performed in IES J.Bau by pupils of the 2nd course of batxillerat of Drama Art.

The Gift has been created for young pupils of Bau and they would like to give this present to young visitors and their teachers.

Sara is celebrating her birthday and she is thinking about lots of presents. She believes it would be necessary to receive technological objects... Poor Sara! She thinks that money is important and expensive presents are... very important. But there
is a big surprise...

A friend always knows what you need.

The Gift will change her life and... things will be different forever.

(Agraïm a Llorenç, membre de l'Ampa del Ceip de Vinallop i professor del J. Bau, tot el seu ajut i col.laboració)