diumenge, 29 de març de 2015

Facts about Brown Bears

•Brown bears aren’t just brown. Some are cream or black.
•Brown bears are omnivores, which means they eat just about anything. They’ll eat deer, fish, small mammals, berries, honey, nuts and plants. You should never feed a bear.
•Brown bears dig cozy caves with their long claws. They sleep in the caves for most of the winter. •Brown bear mamas have babies during the winter while they are asleep! The babies drink mama’s milk and stay warm in their mama’s fur.
In the spring, mama wakes up to meet her new cubs.

dijous, 26 de març de 2015

Giant Panda's First Snow Day

•The giant panda is native to China.
•It has a black and white coat .
•Giant panda have a lifespan of around 20 years in the wild.
•The diet of a panda is made up almost entirely of bamboo.
•Giant pandas eat as much as 10 kg  of bamboo a day.
•Giant pandas are good climbers.