dijous, 29 d’octubre de 2009


Australia is a country and is an island.
There're kangaroos, koalas and snakes.
You can go wind-surfing, fishing, sailing and you can go hiking in the bush, too.
English is its mother tongue.
It Is a land they call Down Under.
There are dogs that they call dingoes.

Naomi Mestre
Núria Platas
6th level
C.E.I.P. port-rodó

dimecres, 28 d’octubre de 2009

Please write back to me

Hi. My name's Oriol I live in Campredó. I like playing football and playing computer games.
I can swim but I can't ride a horse.
I've got one brother and I've got a cat called Catman.
Please write to me.
My address is 42 Salva Aigües Road
Oriol machí 5th level
C.EI.P Port-Rodó (Campredó)

Hi. My name's Alex. I live in Campredó. I like animals and sports.
I haven't got any brothers but
I've got a cat called Garfield.
My address is 18,20 Haro street
Please write to me.
Alex León 5th level C.E.I.P. Port - rodó


dissabte, 17 d’octubre de 2009


It doesn't live in the river.

It can run..

It's got a short tail.

It hasn't got wings.

It's my hamster.

Its name is Lula.

Óscar Guillén
6th level
Ceip Divina Pastora

dijous, 15 d’octubre de 2009

A perfect day

There's a little cat in the house.
It's very cold outside .

The garden is full of leaves.

It's a perfect day to be at home.
It's a perfect day to fly a kite, too

By Noelia
11 years old
Ceip Port rodó

dimarts, 6 d’octubre de 2009

Autumn, snails and mushrooms

The trees change the leaves
the leaves are red and yellow.
In autumn it rains very much
and snails go out for a walk.
Alba subirats 4th level
ceip Port rodó

In autumm it rains a lot ,
the snails are going out
the leaves are falling
and there are mushrooms
Gemma gil
4th level
ceip Port rodó

divendres, 2 d’octubre de 2009

My poem: Autumn

is here.
Leaves are falling.
A yellow leaf and a brown leaf,
daughters of the autumn.
Summer is going
and now is autumn.

By Rosa Subirats

dijous, 1 d’octubre de 2009

Autumn Leaves

Mr Bear is in his garden today.The wind has blown leaves all over the lawn.
''I must sweep those up,'' says Mr Bear.
'' I'll help,'' says Little Bear.
So Mr Bear sweeps the leaves into a tidy pile, and Little Bear puts them into a wheelbarrow. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows all the
leaves into the air, and they fly round and round.
''Oh dear!'' says Mr Bear. ''All that work for nothing.''

Little Bear has an idea . He runs off to find his fishing net.
''Look!'' he says, ''I'll catch them in this.''
Mr Bear laughs as Little Bear runs round the garden, chasing
leaves with his net. He catches a few, but most of them fly out of reach.
''I've got a better idea,'' says Mr Bear.
He goes to the shed and fetches Little Bear's kite.
''Let's go to the park and fly your kite,'' he says. ''We can sweep those leaves some other time.''
''Ooo, yes!'' says Little Bear.'' That's the best thing to do on a windy day!''
(A year full of stories, 366 Stories and Poems)

Adrià Machí
6th Level
Ceip Portrodó