dissabte, 17 de març de 2012

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick lived from 385AD to 461AD. He was born in Wales but he travelled a lot round Ireland. He died on 17th March. It´s an important day for Irish people everywhere because they remember Patrick and his life. There are parades with music and dancing and lots of green, white, and orange flags! People also wear shamrocks. New York and Dublin have big parades with thousands of people.
Deisy, 12
Sara, 11

dilluns, 12 de març de 2012

Do You Like My Clown?

Is it a boy or a girl?
Has he got pink and orange hair?
Has he got a big nose?
Has he got a big hat?
Has he got a big jacket?
Has he got a big flower?
Cristina Valles, 8
It is a boy
He is wearing apurple and green big hat.
An orange jacket.
Green trousers.
Purple and green shoes.
Big white gloves.
A big tie.
He’s got a red big nose.
Big eyes.
And big mouth.
Guillem, 8

He’s got a green jacket.
He’s got a blue trousers.
He’s got brown shoes.
He’s got a yellow shirt.

It is a boy.
He has got red and purple little hat.
He has got red hat.
He has got orange hair.
He has got the red jacket.
He has got blue trousers.
He has got yellow and blue socks.
He has got yellow, red, green and white shoes.
He has got white gloves.
Aleix, 9