dilluns, 12 de maig de 2008

English Theatre: "Seven only seven"

Pupils of the upper level went to see an English performance that was called "Seven only seven". It was performed in IES J.Bau by pupils of the 2nd course of batxillerat of Drama Art.

The performance set out some habitual situations in the life of teenagers:

Their need to create, their awakening to life, the insecurity, the results of their big imagination together with an analysis of the life that surrounded them.

When the performance was finished, our pupils were able to take part in differents situations that had been set out.

diumenge, 4 de maig de 2008

Real-life situations in the English classroom

While acting in real-life situations, pupils learn that the English language is not a static language but it's something really useful.

By means of communicative situations like "shopping" English language learning becomes significant to the children.