dilluns, 30 de maig de 2011

My friend's house

Last weekend I visited my friend´s house. We watched a football match and an animal was running through the field! Officers helped the animal. The animal was a deer. He had brown beautiful hair.
After that, I went to my house. I talked to my mum by telephone and I explained to her my trip to Martin´s house.


dimarts, 24 de maig de 2011

Postcard to Montse

Dear Montse,
How are you? I was in New York Yesterday.I visited Manhattan.
Manhattan is a very beautiful city. I didn’t expend the night in this hotel because I didn’t have enough money.
Anyway, the trip has been beautiful.

See you soon. Love Maria.


divendres, 20 de maig de 2011


I went to Loch Ness on holiday and I saw a very big monster. He was ugly and fat but he was very nice.
The monster’s name was Nessie. Nessie lived in a very big lake and ate fish. Nessie had three little sons and a wife.
Back from vacation I wrote a book.

Àlex, 11

I went to Loch Ness on holiday and I saw Nessie.
She was very beautiful and she had big green eyes.
She became my best friend.
The next day a met her when she went.
I miss Nessie, the most famous Loch Ness monster.

Maria Rubio Mulero 6è

dimarts, 17 de maig de 2011


Shakira gets up at nine o’clock.
She has bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Shakira has lunch at one o’clock.
Shakira has a bath.
She goes to bed at ten o’clock.
I like her songs.

Deisy Portilla,10