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PANCAKE DAY: Webquest for sixth level of primary


As you know, in two weeks it will be Carnival, a typical celebration in our country where all the people dress up and celebrate it in the streets. But... in other countries there are different ways to celebrate this festivity.Are you prepared to know what this customs are regarding this celebration and how to make a "pancake"?

In this case, continue reading!!! I hope you enjoy it.


1.- First of all you will read a short story. This story is going to explain to you some aspects of pancake day. After that, you will have to ask a partner some questions.

2.- After that you will have to read the Pancake recipe, watch a video related with how to make it and at the end you will have to explain this video in your own words.

3.- The third activity is a grid where you must find some words related to pancake ingredients and the utensils needed to make them.

4.- After that we will prepare the pancakes and then, you could have a pancake competition with your classmates.

5.- At the end you will see some poems related to Pancake Day. You can choose one of them and try to learn it.


Exercise 1

Read the following story in pairs and once you have read it, ask your partner the questions below.If you have any vocabulary problem you can go to this page and search in the translator: wordreference.com


Pancake Day is on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is in February or at the beginning of March, six weeks before Easter. In Britain, people eat Pancakes on Pancake Day. In some towns there are pancake races. People run in the streets holding frying pans with pancakes. Each runner tosses the pancake into the air and catches it in the pan. In other countries, people celebrate Carnival at the same time of the year. There are parades through the streets with bands, fireworks and people wear masks and fancy dress.


  1. What do people celebrate in other countries on the same day?

  2. Which day do English people celebrate Pancake Day?

  3. What do people eat on Pancake day?

  4. What do people hold while they are running?

  5. What do people wear at Carnival Time?

Exercise 2

You have to do this exercice alone.Read this Pancake recipe, if there are any words that you don't recognize, you can go to this page again:

100 g flour
one egg

a bowl
a wooden spoon
a pan
an apron


1.Mix salt and flour in a bowl.
2.Add an egg and some milk and mix it with a wooden spoon.
3.Add the rest of the milk.
4.Heat some oil in a pan.
5.Add some of the mixture and cook on both sides.
6.You can eat pancakes with sugar and lemon

Now, click on this link in order to see how a boy makes a pancake, you should pay attention to it because afterwards you will have to explain it. You can watch it as many times as you want.

Have you watched it? Very good!

Now you have to write down what you have seen on the video (Try to write short sentences, maximum six or seven sentences).Write it in a word document and after that send it to me at this direction:


Exercise 3

Now here's a new activity for you. It's a grid where you have to find some words related to the utensils and ingredients used to make a pancake, you should find them all. I will give you a worksheet like this

Exercise 4

This is the last exercise. It is a practical exercise so we will do it together in class.Here we will make a pancake and after that we will hold a pancake race.We will do the activity in the English class and in the Gym class.

Very Important!!! Remember to bring an apron!!

So be prepared! This week I will tell you the exactly day we're going to do this activity.


Mix a pancake,stir a pancake, pop it in the pan.
Fry the pancake, toss the pancake. Catch it if you can.
"Christina Rossetti"

Someone tossed a pancake. A buttery, buttery pancake.
Someone tossed a pancake. And flipped it up so high.
That now I see that pancake. The buttery, buttery pancake.
Now I see that pancake. Stuck against the sky.


EXERCISE 1: I will pay attention to your pronunciation and to the comprehension of the text. ( 30%)
EXERCISE 2: I will evaluate your compositions so be careful with the spelling, with the construction of the sentences and with the verb tenses that you already know. (30%)
EXERCISE 3: I will not assess this exercise. Its aim is to remember some key words but I will take into account whether you do it or not. (10%)
EXERCISE 4: I will evaluate your attitude towards the activity and with your partners. (30%)

At the end of these activities you should know what Pancake Day is and how to make a Pancake. If you want more information about the festivity you can go to this page:

Created by Marta Altés and Tere Orobitg

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