dimarts, 30 d’octubre de 2012

Halloween History

Halloween is an event that most children studying English are familiar with as it is often presented in their course books. However, do they know WHY we celebrate Halloween?

History of Halloween
There are many different ideas as to how Halloween celebrations started. A number of people believe that this tradition began thousands of years ago with the Celts. The Celtic people celebrated New Year’s Day on November 1st and, to protect themselves against the winter, they organised activities to scare off evil spirits the night of October 31st.
This is one version; however, some people believe that Halloween has a shorter history.

Why do people wear costumes for Halloween?
Wearing costumes for Halloween began hundreds of years ago. Many people believed that ghosts roamed the streets the night before All Saint’s Day so they wore masks and costumes to keep evil spirits away. In the past, aside from wearing masks, people used to also place bowls of food on their doorsteps to make sure ghosts and spirits didn’t enter in their houses.

dissabte, 20 d’octubre de 2012

In Autumn There Are Sad Acorns

In Autumn There are sad acorns. Leaves fall and trees change colours. They are yellow, red and brown. Under trees you can find mushrooms. I like eating apples and pumpkins.

Autumn is here! Halloween and pumpkins… This is very funny! The colourful leaves are red, brown, yellow, orange…I like! Autumn, autumn, I’m very, very happy! On September, October and November is Autumn. Autumn, autumn, I’m very, very, HAPPY!!

divendres, 19 d’octubre de 2012

Autumn Is My Favourite Season

Oooooh! Autumn autumn, autumn is my favourite season!

Leaves are brown, yellow, red and gold, is very beautiful!


It´s September there are colorful leaves they are: brown, red...It´s autumn time: leaves ,colorful leaves, leaves fall, autumn, gold.


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Our New English and Music Class

What an adorable English and Music class, I love it. It's so cute and comfortable as well. A great way to learn English in a homey atmosphere.