dissabte, 30 de maig de 2009

Zer Mestral Meeting

The meeting was held last Thursday in the sports center in Campredó.

Posted by Gerard March in his blog Lo sifo (Friday 29th May)

divendres, 29 de maig de 2009

Celebrity Snaps!

My name is Lorena and I'm from Vinallop.I am 10.
I was at the garden of my house and Hannah Montana was there.
She was wearing a pink shirt and blue
trousers. I was wearing an orange shirt and yellow trousers.
It was cold and cloudy.

Ceip Divina Pastora (Vinallop)

dimecres, 27 de maig de 2009

Some stories

These are the powers that Emigdi and me presented on St. George's Day in the school:
"The Emperor's New Clothes", and "Ali Baba and The Forty thieves" by Emigdi Subirats
and "Three Billy Goats Gruff".

I'm sure you will enjoy them.

divendres, 22 de maig de 2009

Snow White

Snow White lives in a big palace with Queen Esmeralda. Queen Esmeralda is very bad. Snow White is very frightened and so she decides to escape from the palace in to the forest.

In the forest Snow White discovers a little house. Seven dwarves live there.

The next day Queen Esmeralda says to her Magic Mirror ``Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the nicest of them all?´´again the mirror says ``Snow White´´.

Queen Esmeralda makes a poisoned apple. She gives the poisoned apple to Snow White. She dies but a handsome prince falls in love whith her and gives her a kiss.

They get married and live happily ever after.

Óscar Guillen and Annabel Estíbalez
5th Level
Ceip Divina Pastora ( Vinallop)

dimarts, 19 de maig de 2009

He can run and jump

Sara Algueró and Diego Castells
3rd Level
Ceip Port-rodó (Campredó)

_ I like rollerblade.
_ I can't rollerblade.
_ Let's rollerblade.
_ We haven't got a roller skate.
_ Here you are.
_ Thank you.
_ I love rollerblade.
_ Where's Alba?
_ Poor Alba.
_ I can't rollerblade.
_ I've got an idea.
_ Wow! Look at Alba.
_ She can run.
_ Well done Alba.

Sara Algueró

_ I like football.
_ I can't play football.
_ Let's skip
_ We haven't got a skipping rope.
_ Here you are.
_ Thank you.
_ I love skipping.
_ Where's Roger?
_ I can't skip.
_ Poor Roger.
_ I've got an idea.
_ Wow! Look at Roger.
_ He can jump.
_ And I can play football.
_ Well done Roger.

Diego Castells

dijous, 14 de maig de 2009

A reading contest

Hello, we are Oriol Machí and Laia Sanz from Ceip Port-rodó (Campredó)

We are very happy to participate in the reading contest in Felip Pedrell Theatre in Tortosa.

The important is to participate, not to be nervous and read as best you can.

We read two books:

" Els lemmings bojos " and " Viatge al país dels lacets".
We won the first and third prize.

dilluns, 11 de maig de 2009

This is my family

Tomas family

Hello I´m Javier

This is my sister. He plays football.

This is dad. He´s a good cook.

This is mum. She likes fishing.
Terron family

Hello I'm Júlia

This is mum. She can clean.

This is dad. He 's a good cook.

This is my cousin. He plays football.

Júlia Terron and Javier Tomas
3rd Level Ceip Lligallos

dimecres, 6 de maig de 2009

A Power Point from Rosa Subirats

Rosa Subirats Aguiló, 2nd Level,Ceip Port-rodó (Campredó) has sent us a power point.

Thanks Rosa