dimecres, 25 de novembre de 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the U.S.A.

The first Thanksgiving was in the 17 th century. A group of English pilgrims sailed to America on the Mayflower ship. The native Americans helped the pilgrims because they had no food. They had lots of fruit and vegetables for the next winter. The pilgrims celebrated with the native Americans and they had a big meal.

Today Americans celebrate thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. They have a special meal together. They have a turkey with corn and they have a wonderful pumkin pie.


1 where were the pilgrims from?
2 what was the name of the pilgrims' boat?
3 when do Americans celebrate thanksgiving?
4 who helped the pilgrims?-5 what do they eat?

Jordi Aragones Lozano
Esther Serra Visan
6th Level
Ceip Port rodó

dimecres, 18 de novembre de 2009

I want to go to Australia

I want to go to Australia on holiday. It's a beautiful place to visit. There are kilometres of beautiful beaches.
The sea is fantastic for water sports. I want to go swimming and snorkelling. I don't want horse-riding or cycling, but there are lots of other activities to do. I want to go birdwatching and see lots of exotic birds. I also want to go surfing, diving and snorkelling.

Edgar Mestre, 12

6th Level

Ceip Port-rodó

dijous, 12 de novembre de 2009

My hobbies

My name's Santi.
I like playing football. I don't like listening to music.
My favourite hobby is formula I.

Santi Callau, 8
Ceip Divina Pastora

divendres, 6 de novembre de 2009

Guy fawkes' Day

On Novembre the 5th we celebrate

Bonfire Night

On Tuesday in Vinallop and Wednesday in the afternoon in Campredó, we ate baked patatoes and hot dogs.
We built a Guy to burn in a bonfire .

The corridor was decorated with mobiles.

We played hangman by groups. We were two teams.

It was a fantastic party.
We took lots of photos.

Conchi González 12, Vinallop

dimarts, 3 de novembre de 2009

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is on the 5th of November.
There are big firework displays and bonfires.
People cook potatoes in the bonfire. They
celebrate the defeat of Guy fawkes.

Paula Sabater
4th level
Ceip Divina Pastora