dijous, 28 de maig de 2015

My timetable

 On Thursdays I wake up at quarter past eight. I brush my teeth. I have breakfast and I go to school. At  eleven o'clock I go to the playground . I have breakfast again and I play football. After the PE class I go to  my gradfather's house. At half past one I have lunch with my aunt and my granfather. When I finish having  lunch, I play computer games. At quarter to three I go to school again. At three o'clock I've got English  class, and at four o'clock I've got Sciense class. The class  finishes at five o'clock. Then I go to football  training. I finish football training at seven o'clock , and then I go back home. I have dinner, I do my  homework and I go to bed.
Guillem, 6é

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